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Aquarius 2023

Aquarius what does 2023 have in store for you?

The first thing that this year brings here is movement. Now, the “Three of Wands” is a travel card. Which generally means traveling overseas but, you may be just travel outside your usual domains or areas in which you usually focus your energy.

So, your everyday routines will go through a change some of which could arrive through a chain of events. Suddenly, everything clears and you feel like finally you can get things settled the way that you want.

March through to October is a busy time for you and commitments and decisions that you will make. You wait for matters to become more certain and with this the results you manifest or set out to achieve then, happen.

Home and family - as you watch situations unfold, what will happen will be surprising – not exactly as you expect. You could see this influence dealings/decisions with younger people or younger people around you, or younger children.

I was about to say it's almost like as if everything's in its infancy even with plans to do with the home or family. So, this is a chance in which to not get lost in everything but, instead find a way in which to stay motivated and get things started.

You will see plans happening and with this decisions to make. It is all about just sitting and waiting as some areas may not be ready to finalise straight away. But, as you move through toward March through to October you start see positive results and outcomes as routines harmonise and frustrations end. Recognise

Career, goals and aspirations – “The Magician” represents professional advice. You begin to that you have necessary skills and attributes that are much needed to get ahead. So, this year you are reassessing where it is that you can benefit the most from your skills and your talents.

You have previously been in two minds about how you felt, what you should be doing or what you could be doing. Now, Aquarius the chance to sow the seeds for the future. The “seven of pentacles” is about education and training. It is about finding out how you can take the best of everything that you have and make it work.

If there is a project or something that you are working towards then, you begin to see some very good results coming through. This is because intuitively you will be drawn to reflect on that which you feel is possible to achieve at this time. Expect some positive or good recognition to come through.

Finances- Travel cards show you have got opportunities around money to come through your travels as well. This year is bringing in a new direction or a fresh approach on your financial incomes or earnings. You can make some very strong logical decisions around money but following your heart on matters that you believe are possible and in doing so these favour you more so completely.

You may have noticed the last two maybe even five years where financial and material matters were stretched or stressed. Now you are capable to enjoy the benefits that come from putting all that hard work and energy into manifesting better resources.

Health and well-being - the “Four of Pentacles” in reverse. The four of Pentacles represents things that happening out of your control. So, you may experience little control with the types environments that you may be in or what you may come into contact with.

So, this is where it says here relinquish that control. This year is about building upon something new, seeking better stability in your health.

I would look at this card numerically representing the fourth house. The fourth house connects the home and also governs the mother. It also is connected to the breast, in around the tummy or the digestive areas, pancreas/gall bladder.

These particular health areas can represent ways to better nurture yourself through nutrition or the right environments in which to surround yourself. This can also influence decisions concerning mother, motherhood, parental decisions and support.

Relationships - this is a great year for partnerships. So, if you find yourself looking at where you feel you need to be. Maybe there's a multitude of choices out there, plenty of opportunity or even potential connections.

If you are single and looking – you are looking maybe for something that is more stable, you seek somebody that can kind of bring that stability into your life. You wish to build upon this opportunity quickly and may recognise your intentions as early as the time of January.

You find yourself looking at how to balance personal and professional goals in a very proactive year ahead. You may be find as much as you want stability with your relationship areas it will give you patience in knowing you do not need to do much to bring everything about in matters of love.

Stable or committed relationships it’s all about family, children plans, and goals You see this is as a time in which to separate everything to best accommodate those plans and the goals. Some may finally become empty nesters and with this you see it’s time for even larger changes.

This year will lead to a big time in which you make decisions about where to go and what to do next. You are best to trust that process especially as you move through the times of February right through to the month of September.



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