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Finding Your Groove

What happened to your groove?

In our day-to-day routine life is often hectic, robotic, and demanding. We can easily forget who we are and what represents our unique self. You can make you feel depleted, overwhelmed, and physically and emotionally exhausted.

Life becomes a chore and health begins to be affected on various levels, especially if left unchecked for prolonged periods of time. We spend time over thinking, overreacting, and pushing our energy to overcompensate for what will eventually become a downward spiral of feeling everything is falling short of expectation.

You can easily begin losing your groove, your connection, and your sense of purposeful direction. All of which impacts your mental, emotional, and physical energy and health.

How to find your groove! in four quick steps.

  1. Set healthier boundaries that support your day to day.

This could involve eating a healthier lifestyle or taking the time to engage in physical exercise such as a walk or joining a conscious health group of like-minded people. Clearing yourself of old habitual cycles can not only be liberating, but it can also make a difference to your physical, mental, and emotional body as well.

Focus on surrounding yourself with positive timelines that encourage you to accomplish tasks and maintain a rhythm in which you can benefit where work or obligations are concerned. Step back and desensitize from your day so that you can sleep better.

You may look at ways to invent a healthier routine through entertaining new foods, tastes, or cuisines. If you don't have time to cook or don't know how - find some simple nutritious recipes and give it a go. You may find a beautiful place that not only serves healthy food but is a great atmosphere for you to feel in harmony.

2. Create healthier positive interactions

Look at ways in which to surround yourself with people who positively re-enforce or feel well aligned with your interests, objectives and stimulate you to open your mind, observations, connecting with others and exploring your own personal growth.

This is where you may deduct which connections are good for you. When you remove toxic cycles and connections you can enable yourself to find greater sustenance in connecting with reassuring or positive energy people who collaborate well in your life.

If you cannot make any changes considering healthier boundaries to not be drawn into situations or circumstances through limiting your time around people that drain you of confidence and energy. Remember it is okay to say "no" or "maybe another time" or "that's not right for me just now"

3. Find a healthier a connection to yourself

Often external life pressures draw on our energy and prevent us from spending time in our own space. It can be that you feel your time is poor or too exhausting or it's too much of a bother to organize so why try?

If you enjoy something that enables you to "chill" with thoughts, destress, and enjoy personal reflection. Life is demanding and it is easy to forget about what you need to replenish your relationship with self.

You deserve some "me" time. Whether it's five minutes or thirty, this is a time dedicated to you. Listen to your favorite song, take a relaxing bath, meditate, or spend time in nature or your favorite spot.

Give yourself permission to be you, in your space and enjoy your own company or involved in your favorite past time. Allowing introspection, soul searching, and personal observation enable you to find answers or work towards personal growth.

4. Create healthier plans and reachable goals

When we have something to work towards, we are more likely to be enthusiastic and engaged in reaching that outcome or manifesting results. Not only is this healthy for your mind but it is also great for your physical well-being.

Start with reasonable expectations and plan your path. This does not need to be complicated or overthought. Just find something the enables you to collaborate your energy into an outcome.

This could be a financial goal, health goal, personal growth goal or something that you consider is important to accomplish with meaningful steps and accessible results. Give yourself something to strive towards that will be enjoyable and synchronize with your mind, body, and emotional betterment.


Although you may find yourself reconnecting with your groove after a small hiatus! Some of you may see it as welcoming an old friend.

Finding your groove is important to keeping your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies aligned. You feel more present, you can accomplish goals more easily and you find satisfaction in your current life and surroundings.


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