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How does the Blue Moon in Pisces affect you?

31st of August 2023 we see a second full moon happen called the "Blue Moon"

The full moon in Pisces is the most perceptive and aware of its surroundings. You may experience feelings of insecurity, over emotion, and intuition awareness. Your imagination and creativity will push you to delve deeper into your subconscious to study your beliefs, spiritual lessons, and other lessons involving emotional growth.


The Pisces full moon falls in your twelfth house of beliefs, spiritual ideals, and subconsciousness. Spending time getting to know yourself and your values, as well as defining your main goals and dreams, will help to guide you to where you need to be to develop what you want out of life.


The full moon in Pisces affects your eleventh house of groups, like-minded partnerships, and interests. It's good to be surrounded by like-minded people, Taurus, but now is the moment to recognise where you need to be more independent. You may feel yourself improving your individual personality and reaping the benefits of exposing your energies to fresh experiences.


The full moon in Pisces influences your tenth house of career, public image, and success. The opportunity to evaluate your career, ambitions and work behaviors that may require a new direction or path to open as you are looking to make bigger possibilities happen.


The full moon in Pisces influences your ninth house of travel, higher study, and philosophy. You may believe you are on the threshold of deeper comprehension or discovery. The need to travel or explore your thoughts and feelings, whether by physical travel or subconscious, will be significant to you.


The Pisces full moon falls in your eighth house of resources, combined finances, and profound transformations. Leo, it can be difficult to let go, yet it is vital for your spiritual growth and deeper understanding. You may have to confront the truth about a matter that arises from deep subconscious material control.


The full moon in Pisces occurs in your seventh house of partnerships and commitments/agreements. You will reflect on specific relationships in your life. When it comes to commitments, you desire closeness, connection, and balance, especially in one-on-one relationships. A period when you may ruminate on past behaviours or set boundaries that are appropriate in your relationships.


The Pisces full moon falls in your sixth house of work, habits, and health. This full moon is all about boundaries. It is critical that you dedicate time to yourself, your spiritual and wellness regime. You may consider what alterations are required in your daily commitments and routines, as well as how to become more efficient.


The full moon in Pisces is in your fifth house of children, creativity, and passion. The full moon will inspire you to pursue your dreams. You will spend time focusing on your goals, passions, and what it will take to make this happen, reminding yourself how good it feels to see your dreams become a reality.


The Pisces full moon falls in your fourth house of home and leisure. Sagittarius, you value your freedom, yet this full moon may bring to light troubles or anxieties related to your home. This could be seen as the reality in making crucial decisions or required changes regarding the home, family, and or the mother.


The full moon in Pisces falls in your third house of communications, siblings, and social gatherings. This full moon will make you more sensitive to what other people say or how you think or feel about yourself. When it comes to communication or debates in which you may be concentrated on what others repeat, you may need to be cautious of being overly critical of yourself or harsh.


The Pisces full moon falls in your second house of income, self-evaluation, and material possessions. This emotional full moon forces you to examine your underlying beliefs and values when it comes to the importance of financial goals and personal material ambitions. 


The Pisces full moon falls in your first house of self-image. You will see the world through the eyes of emotional intuition. You will reconsider your thoughts based on how you feel and how you perceive other people's expectations of you. You may begin to learn that it is okay if other people do not experience life as you do.




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