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How I Discovered I was Clairvoyant Psychic

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

A repost : 2019

I refer to "My Guys Upstairs" called Spirit as if "they" are my family. They are spiritual family to me. Over the years, I've developed a long and often difficult relationship with Spirit, yet "they" have never failed to deliver the appropriate message. However, not listening may have sent them grey at times. Nonetheless, as a student, Spirit's direction has taught me a lot about myself and my path.

I understand that not everyone is gifted the same or follows the same route. I found myself developing my own relationship and skills for my connection and work. Some people have strong practices or rituals, but I just go to bed and write when it suits me. I pay attention to what comes directly through, whether it's information or doodles and drawings.

Some call this automatic writing, while others call it channelling. I'm not sure what to call the process, but I've kept notebooks of sessions and writings over the years as fantastic reference points and learning kerbs for myself to look back on.

I know for a fact that THEY "do not live by our time or timing, and I am sure they do not even watch a clock!" So, time and information can be a little off with some impressions, especially if the conscious mind is too processing instead of letting what comes through freely flow.

In my experience, "they" literally discuss about what is said, how it is received or understood. If I was prompted by a thought or emotion. It implies that something will occur or happen, and that this is why the message or information is being recognised. As an example, imagine you're at the store and you pause by the milk area before walking on, only to realise later that you needed milk. (Instinctive prompting)

I am shown the beginning of a situation, something that is happening in my mind, or a discussion I am having in my head that may contain a person, symbol, or feelings/emotions. Something that initiates the message and opens the channel of communication. It can occur at any time and in any place.

When interacting with "The Guys Upstairs" (spirit guides, angels, and other messengers), patience and faith are essential. You will quickly realise that in order to grow, you must also evolve, completing a cycle of lessons, healing, and self-discovery. All of this opens not only the soul's experience, but also your relationship with acceptance of your truth and journey. What role you play in this existence, your intentions, deeds, and spiritual development.

Being open to receive from your guides, angels, higher source, or that little voice within is the key to connecting with them. It may not be a life-changing message, but it may be a life-changing experience full of growth and fulfilment. Sometimes it's as easy as an occurrence or situation that causes me to pause and reconsider my thinking, emotional, physical, or spiritual understandings.

Not all you gifts or abilities may present together.

Some may be stronger or more fluent, but others develop gradually through life experience and spiritual growth. These stages of discovery have been highly productive in my life and personal growth, particularly between the ages of 7 and 8, and again between the ages of 14 and 16. Around the age of 21, I experienced a significant shift in energy, which grew stronger as I approached the ages of 27 and 29.

My path was determined, and I've just been growing with gifts, knowledge, and a profound respect for knowing that the experiences to be had are necessary for my own progress.

I developed a burning interest in all things strange and mystical. I had no idea what was going on or why it was happening. All I knew was that I was curious and thirsty, which led me to numerous spiritual subjects and attractions. In retrospect, I recall vivid moments of empathic experience.

My first passion and entry into the esoteric realm was astrology, which was followed by short conversations with my Nan, who would drop some amazing conversations about the every 7 years life change! I'm sure she was talking about the 7-year itch. The stage in one's life when we realise we have outgrown a situation. Not to be confused with the 9-year cycle that frequently appears in numerology.

Over time, I just felt like I knew (claircognizance) or saw (clairvoyance) what was going to happen before it actually happened. It's strange at first, sitting in a room and knowing you've seen this before (de'ja vu) or knowing the conclusion before it starts.

The teen years truly opened my eyes to my gentle and sympathetic sides (Empathic or Empathy). I was frequently the person to whom friends or others came to sort out their lives, listen to their issues, or simply be present.

I never completely understood or knew what or how my counsel was received, but it seemed to work. It looked to be useful to individuals who required direction at the time.

As I entered my early twenties, I felt compelled to dive deeper into the unknown, the future, or other events. I learned about cartomancy and the art of reading playing cards. This, together with my interest in astrology and numerology, was suddenly revealing some very familiar places in my journey that would lead me to my current work.

Familiar? Yes, because it seemed so natural. The connection, I believed, was a symbolic awakening for my work with spirit, my path or destiny, as others would say. My clairvoyant experiences began to expand even bigger than Ben Hur. I had no one to talk to about what was going on because I was hardly comprehending the "am I just weird feeling?" It was surreal to go into a room and just know that one feeling was enough to witness the energy bloom before my eyes.

Conversations with ordinary people and hearing words said, however, revealed a whole other world unfolding beneath the words and appearances. Between their words, I was hearing a new story, a distinct perception of the reality.

I was tapping into pain, a fear, a loss, a challenge.

I was experiencing that person from the inside out, connecting to their energy as if it were my own. I had no idea what was going on. I just knew I was entering their personal space, and it was not normal. I could close my eyes and hear them speak but hear a completely different message or sense concerns and matters concerning that person.

I've always respected other people's personal space. My abilities is founded on ethical behaviour and conduct. However, that was challenged over the years while I was in my own struggle or emotional hole. I always listened and heard what the guys upstairs (Spirit) were teaching me. "Hear that which, is not spoken" "listen to the truth." Even when I try to convince myself that I don't want to see the reality, I continue to hear it. I KNOW because it is as obvious as saying it aloud.

This is not about telling white lies, which we all do. This is about the truth; you can run, but you cannot hide or deny it. Yes, it's like a piece of gum on your shoe, and it's just as annoying if you ignore it. When you choose to recognise, acknowledge, and deal with whatever is revealed, you become aware of your behaviours, which can save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run.

You may never know when a “message“ may arrive.

In my early twenties (1989), I am pregnant with my first child and standing at the ironing board. I see a small girl around the age of three or four appear and come up to stand at the end of the ironing board. She swings about, her dark hair and small dress pirouetting, before disappearing.

I gaze down at my pregnant basketball bulge, unsure if the child I'm carrying is a boy or a girl. So, 5 months later, in May 1990, I gave birth to a dark-haired baby girl whom I named Jessica. I don't think I'll ever forget the vision or experience because it was incredible. I had not given any thought to wanting to know the gender of the baby at the moment, but there before me was the image of this little girl.

As you can imagine, I was determined to find out the gender of my second pregnancy (1991) because my first child was a girl. I was curious about the gender of my future child. I walked along to the doctors, had the ultrasound done, and was informed emphatically that they couldn't tell me since the baby wasn't facing in the correct position. I told me that it had to be a boy! I went out and bought boy's clothes, prepared the room for a son, and even decided on a name for the baby boy.

My senses did increase with each pregnancy, which I began to notice with each child. My sixth sense took me from empathic to clairvoyant to beginning to open my new hearing talent (clairaudience). Sometimes I heard my name called, and other times I heard music and songs. In contrast to the situation of the truth hearing. This got to the point where I'd have to go look for a radio or television that might be on in the house, only to find that nothing was on at the moment.

I had a dream around two weeks before giving birth to my second child. I proceeded down a long jetty, and at the end of it stood a 1940s nurse. Her hat drew my attention as I approached her on a bench seat beneath a lightpost. As I got closer, the nurse looked up, and I saw a baby in her arms. As I drew closer, she smiled and the nurse said, "Here is your daughter."

I obviously thought, how ridiculous! I'm expecting a son! That's not my child. Natalie, my second daughter, was born in November of 1991. The nurse in my dream resembled my midwife, except she was from a different era. That encounter showed me that I have the option of not hearing or seeing what I am shown or led to see. But, in any case, it will not influence the outcome.

My third child, Troy, is due in 1993. My clairvoyant powers had already awakened strongly, as I now possessed sight, hearing, and knowledge (Claircognizance). So I was a little unsure what to anticipate this time. I had a lot of solar plexus activity, which heightened my sense of touch (clairscentience). I'd touch something, someone, or tap into what I thought was energy or vibration to feel things.

Every time I talked or heard a conversation, I would receive confirmations throughout my entire body. When I walked past them, my sensations increased and goose bumps appeared on my arms, legs, side, back, elbow, and head. Anything could set it off, and I'd become a walking goose bump.

I could feel things, energy, health issues, emotions and feelings.

I would get aches, pains or a symptom and it would be confirmed through a conversation where that person was revealing their ailment or complaint. I felt like I was a hypochondriac, psychosomatic or just going out in sympathy with them all.

In a matter of 3 years, I had fully opened instant knowing, (Claircognizance) sight, (Clairvoyance), my ability to hear (Clairaudient) and now was developing touch (Clairscentience). My own love affair with the divination was developing into reading and drawn to many ancient materials and past traditions. It was as if I was recapping my lifetimes and opening the folds of knowledge I had neatly tucked away until this time in my life.

In the year 1995, I had embraced fully my path. My second son, Bradley, arriving making this my fourth child. I was reading full time and building upon my abilities as I went along. I was able to smell, (Clairalience) mimic energy and connecting on levels I had not even knew existed until many years down the track.

In 2003, I was expecting my fifth child and at age 36. I had already spent extensive time within the public arena working with Spirit over the years including a strong web based presence. I recall this pregnancy as one that determined her name as she chose it to be. I say this, as I loved two 7 letter names ( Madison, Montana) which, I would systematically say each day to see which one this little soul would be choosing.

I learnt that we as soul’s choose our parents, soul family and name upon arriving to this lifetime experience. Therefore, I wished to see which name this little energy would choose. If i said Madison I received no reaction however, if I said Montana, she would kick and move about. After a few months of this daily ritual I knew her choice was to be named Montana and Montana she was named.

The experiences that happened, the ones words cannot explain and the mind cannot fathom will be forever in my mind. I just felt akin with my path and was ready to take it as far as I could. My passion for better understanding, a typical Sagittarius trait, higher knowledge, with a Mercury in Scorpio, no stone would be left unturned until I found the secret key I was searching to find.

I had already taken up Tarot in 1993/1994, which was a gift from a client who later become my spiritual mum, my mentor. Susan’s existence into my life was as the guys upstairs must have planned to bring her in to take me to my next level of consciousness. I started to teach two years later the art of tarot. My path drew me to teach, to be able to exchange the knowledge that appeared so freely given to me.

I read as much as I could on the forefathers of the path. Jane Roberts “Seth Speaks” was my first experience of reading channeled material followed by the literature wonders by Hilarion by Maurice B Cooke, exerts of Alice Bailey and peeks into the Madame Blavatsky chronicles. I did not fully understand the concept or the real relationship of the information at the time; however, this journey I would forever embrace.

My spirit or soul’s purpose was revealing and forming, each detour, test, growth pattern or explosion of energy I, experienced and embraced differently. My passion for knowledge coupled with an undeniable ability pursuit of finding the answer. Seeking the truth, the why’s! Lead me on a path that I feel both blessed and honored to be a part of and share.

To this day, I still discover gifts or abilities emerging. We never stop evolving as one area of your life supports new experiences the other will step back and wait it’s turn. Our guides interchange, our abilities and gifts heighten and transform and we grow into accepting the experience.

I meet many people who ask how did you know you had a gift? What types of experiences did I encounter. I thought the best way to share my journey is to share my stories and personal road to stepping into my clairvoyance and psychic gifts.

I will share more of my experiences in future blogs. Sometimes, it is in the words of others we find a world of information that guides the way to exploring life’s purpose.

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