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How I Discovered I was Clairvoyant Psychic

I speak of” My Guys Upstairs” aka Spirit as if, ”they” are my family. They are my spiritual family. I have built a long and often challenging relationship with Spirit, over the years but, not once have ”they” failed to deliver the intended message. However, in not choosing to listen may have sent them grey at times. None the less as a student, I have learned much about myself and my path through Spirit’s guidance.

I understand not everyone will have the same ability or follow the same paths. I found myself forming my own relationship and tools that work best for my connection and work. Some people have strong rituals or patterns me, I just head off to bed and when it suits and I write. I listen to that which comes directly through, information or even sometimes doodles and drawings.

Some people call this automatic writing, whilst others believe it is channeling. I am not sure what to call the process only that over the years I have kept journals of sessions and writings as wonderful reference points and learning curbs for myself to look back upon.

I do know for certain THEY ”do not live by our time or timing as quite often I am sure they do not even watch a clock! So, timing can be a little off with some impressions and so can the information especially if the conscious mind is overly processing instead of letting what comes through naturally flow.

In my experience ”they“ talk literally, what is said, how it is received or to be perceived. If i was prompted with a thought or feeling. It implied, something will eventuate or happen and this is why the message or information is coming through to be recognised. Liken this to then you are at the shop and you look at the milk section but walk on by only to discover when returning home you actually needed milk. (Subconscious prompting)

I am shown the start of situation, something playing out in my mind or a conversation I may have in my head which could involve a person, symbol or feelings/emotions. Something that starts the message and open channel of information to commence. It can happen anywhere and at anytime.

There is much that comes with patience and trust when working with “ The Guys Upstairs” (spirit guides, angels and other messengers). You will soon learn that to grow you must also evolve, to complete a cycle of lessons, healing and a journey of self discovery. All of which, not only open the soul’s experience but your connection with acceptance of your truth and path. What part you play in this lifetime, intentions, actions and spiritual growth.

Connecting with your guides, angels, higher source or that little voice within is all about being open to that which you may receive. It may not be an earth-shattering message however, it may be a life-changing experience filled with growth and fulfillment. Sometimes, it is as simple as an event or situation that is prompts me to sit back and reassess my thinking, my emotional, my physical or spiritual understandings.

Not all you gifts or abilities may present together.

Some may be stronger or more fluent whilst others take time to develop with life experience and spiritual growth. I have found these stages of discovery quite prolific at certain time lines in my life and personal growth especially from 7 or 8 years old, again between 14 through 16. I had a major shift in energy around 21 which amplified stronger towards ages 27 - 29 years old.

My course was set and from there on I have just kept growing with gifts, knowledge and a deep respect for trusting the experiences to be had are experiences needed for my own growth.

I had a feverish fascination for all things different and mystical. I was not conscious of what was happening or the reasons. All I knew was that, I had the curiosity and a thirst that led to many subjects and attractions spiritually. Looking back in hindsight I recall strong moments of empathic experiences.

A love for astrology my first passion and door into the esoteric world, followed by short talks with my Nan who would drop some fascinating conversations about the every 7 years life change! I am sure she was referring to the 7-year itch. The period in one’s life, when we head off when we know we have outgrown a situation. Not to be confused with that 9-year cycle that often erupts in the numerology.

Over time, I just felt, I instantly knew (Claircognizance) or had that sensation of seeing (Clairvoyance) what was to come before it truly appeared. Bit weird at first, sitting in a room and just knowing you had experienced this before (de’j’a vu )or know the outcome before it began.

The teen years really opened my eyes to my soft and compassionate sides (Empathic or Empathy) Before that, I felt like I was brash and bold and had to stand up for myself. I often would be the one that friends or others came to sort their lives, hear their concerns or just be there.

I never truly understood or knew what or how my advice came through but, somehow it seemed to work. It appeared to be beneficial to those who needed that guidance at that time.

Into my early twenties, I felt the urge to delve deeper Into the unknown, the future or other happenings. I discovered cartomancy and the art of reading playing cards. This coupled with my passion for astrology and numerology I, was now unlocking some very familiar areas in my path that would direct me towards my work to this day.

Familiar? Yes because it was so natural. I felt it was within my DNA, the connection was a symbolic awakening for my work with spirit, my path or destiny as some would say. My experiences with clairvoyance begun to open up bigger than Ben Hur also. I had no one to talk to about what was happening at this time as, I was barely understanding the “am I just weird feeling?” Walking into a room and just knowing that one vibe was enough to see the energy unfold before my eyes was surreal.

The conversations with everyday people and hearing words spoken yet, I could hear a completely different story evolving beneath the words and facades.

I was hearing a different story, an alternate experience of the truth between their words.

I was tapping into pain, a fear, a loss, a challenge.

I was feeling that person from the inside out and connecting to that person’s energy like it was my own. I had no idea what was happening. I just knew I was feeling like I was invading their personal space and it was not normal. I could close my eyes and hear them speak but hear a very different message all together or sense issues and matters close to that person.

I have always respected other people’s space. My ability is one I based on ethical behavior and conduct. However, even at times, that was tested over the years, when in my own turmoil or emotional hole. I, always listened and heard as I was taught by my guys upstairs (Spirit). “Hear that which, is not spoken” “listen to the truth.” even in my own thoughts I, still hear the truth even when I want to fool myself into not wanting to see the truth. I KNOW because it is as plain as just speaking it aloud.

This is not about telling white lies, we all do that. This is about the honest to goodness, you can run but, you cannot hide and deny the truth. It is like a piece of gum on your shoe yes, and just as annoying if you persist to ignore it. Once you choose to recognize, acknowledge and deal with whatever is revealed you are conscious of your actions which can save a lot of time and mess in the end.

You may never know when a “message“ may arrive.

In my early 20’s (1989) I am pregnant with my first child, standing and ironing away at the ironing board. I suddenly see a little girl about 3 or 4 appear and come up and stand at the end of the ironing board. She swings herself around with her dark hair and little dress pirouetting, before she just disappeared.

I look down at my pregnant basketball bump, wondering if the baby I am carrying is in fact a girl. Well, 5 months later, May 1990, I gave birth to a dark headed little girl I named Jessica. I do not think I will ever forget that image or experience as it was amazing. I had not given any thought of wanting to know the sex of the baby at the time however, there before me the image of this little girl appeared in full sight.

As, you can expect with my second pregnancy (1991) I was intent on knowing the sex this time since my first born was a girl. I wanted to know what sex my next baby would be. I trotted off to the doctors had the ultra sound done and was told clearly they were unable to tell me as the baby was not facing in the correct position. I convinced myself it must be a boy! I went and purchased boy’s clothes, set the room up to welcome a son and even went on to choose the baby boy’s name.

My senses did heighten each time I was pregnant which I began to notice with each child. My sixth sense reeling me from empathic, clairvoyance onto starting to open my new ability of hearing (Clairaudience). I could hear my name called, other times hearing music and songs. Unlike the truth hearing scenario. This was to the point I would have to go in search for a radio or tv that may be on in the house only to find nothing turned on at the time.

It was about two weeks prior to giving birth to my second child, I had a dream. I walked down a long jetty, at the end of the jetty was a nurse from the 1940s. Her hat caught my eye as I walked towards where she was sitting on a bench seat under a lightpost. As i approached closer the nurse looked up and I could see a baby in her arms. She smiled as I got even closer the nurse said to me “here is your daughter”

I obviously thought how ridiculous is that! I am having a boy! That is not my child. Well in November of 1991, I gave birth to my second daughter, Natalie. The nurse who was in my dream looked like my midwife only more in our time or era. That experience taught me that I might choose not to hear or see what I am shown or led to see. But, regardless it will not change the outcome that is to be.

In 1992/1993, I am expecting my third child, Troy. My clairvoyant abilities had already awoken strongly as I, now had sight, (Clairvoyance) hearing (Clairaudience) and knowing (Claircognizance). So, I did somewhat not know what to expect this time. I was experiencing a lot of solar plexus activity and the heightened the sense of touch (Clairscentience). I would touch an item, person or tap into what i beleive was energy or vibration and feel things.

I would get affirmations through my whole body literally just every time I spoke or heard a conversation. If I walked past people, I would feel my sensations heighten and goose bumps appear on my arms, legs, side, back, elbow, and head. You name it anything could set it off, I would then be a walking goose bump.

I could feel things, energy, health issues, emotions and feelings.

I would get aches, pains or a symptom and it would be confirmed through a conversation where that person was revealing their ailment or complaint. I felt like I was a hypochondriac, psychosomatic or just going out in sympathy with them all.

In a matter of 3 years, I had fully opened instant knowing, (Claircognizance) sight, (Clairvoyance), my ability to hear (Clairaudient) and now was developing touch (Clairscentience). My own love affair with the divination was developing into reading and drawn to many ancient materials and past traditions. It was as if I was recapping my lifetimes and opening the folds of knowledge I had neatly tucked away until this time in my life.

In the year 1995, I had embraced fully my path. My second son, Bradley, arriving making this my fourth child. I was reading full time and building upon my abilities as I went along. I was able to smell, (Clairalience) mimic energy and connecting on levels I had not even knew existed until many years down the track.

In 2003, I was expecting my fifth child and at age 36. I had already spent extensive time within the public arena working with Spirit over the years including a strong web based presence. I recall this pregnancy as one that determined her name as she chose it to be. I say this, as I loved two 7 letter names ( Madison, Montana) which, I would systematically say each day to see which one this little soul would be choosing.

Left to Right - Natalie, Bradley, Jessica, Troy and Montana

I learnt that we as soul’s choose our parents, soul family and name upon arriving to this lifetime experience. Therefore, I wished to see which name this little energy would choose. If i said Madison I received no reaction however, if I said Montana, she would kick and move about. After a few months of this daily ritual I knew her choice was to be named Montana and Montana she was named.

The experiences that happened, the ones words cannot explain and the mind cannot fathom will be forever in my mind. I just felt akin with my path and was ready to take it as far as I could. My passion for better understanding, a typical Sagittarius trait, higher knowledge, with a Mercury in Scorpio, no stone would be left unturned until I found the secret key I was searching to find.

I had already taken up Tarot in 1993/1994, which was a gift from a client who later become my spiritual mum, my mentor. Susan’s existence into my life was as the guys upstairs must have planned to bring her in to take me to my next level of consciousness. I started to teach two years later the art of tarot. My path drew me to teach, to be able to exchange the knowledge that appeared so freely given to me.

I read as much as I could on the forefathers of the path. Jane Roberts “Seth Speaks” was my first experience of reading channeled material followed by the literature wonders by Hilarion by Maurice B Cooke, exerts of Alice Bailey and peeks into the Madame Blavatsky chronicles. I did not fully understand the concept or the real relationship of the information at the time; however, this journey I would forever embrace.

My spirit or soul’s purpose was revealing and forming, each detour, test, growth pattern or explosion of energy I, experienced and embraced differently. My passion for knowledge coupled with an undeniable ability pursuit of finding the answer. Seeking the truth, the why’s! Lead me on a path that I feel both blessed and honored to be a part of and share.

To this day, I still discover gifts or abilities emerging. We never stop evolving as one area of your life supports new experiences the other will step back and wait it’s turn. Our guides interchange, our abilities and gifts heighten and transform and we grow into accepting the experience.

I meet many people who ask how did you know you had a gift? What types of experiences did I encounter. I thought the best way to share my journey is to share my stories and personal road to stepping into my clairvoyance and psychic gifts.

I will share more of my experiences in future blogs. Sometimes, it is in the words of others we find a world of information that guides the way to exploring life’s purpos.

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