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Libra 2023

What does 2023 hold for Libra?

The first thing that is around is the perfect time of looking at opportunities. Now the opportunities will come through people, situations and circumstances around you. You may even find yourself looking at ways in which you can be more proactive through other means such as applications or advertisements.

You are drawn to finding the right resources including writing down what you want. If you are into literature or other arts perhaps this is a great opportunity for you to excel. By putting plans into perspective and seeing how you can get through that to-do list. Just remember to stay adaptable because the more flexible and the more that you adjust, the better it's going to be.

The home and family - this year promotes a strong time of encouragement and support especially, in the middle of the year. It is around the July and the August that you see this as time to invest into your financial and personal goals.

You are enabling yourself to build the right foundations by investing in the right property or financially you are budgeting money where it needs to go.  This is giving yourself a chance in which to be able to open bigger and better opportunities around you.

For anyone traveling overseas this could be a very important time as well. You find financially you have the money sitting there and you are capable of making the changes that you thought about for some time. Plans which have been sitting there on the back burner suddenly find new ways to develop.

Career, goals and aspirations - this year promotes good work and the ability to promote yourself. This will give you a chance in which to not only back the energy that you have in your talents but to be able to perform at a level that enables you to bring in that financial reward or recognition.

So, this is a great year for promotions, self-employed and for business. Anything that enables you to utilize your energy to the best of your own ability you will benefit. You feel ready to make very quick and very spontaneous decisions which lead you to focus more on that which you believe is possible.

Finances - well this year is all about looking at where you previously have been with your money and your spending habits. Now, you may be able to see where you came unhinged or where resources become strained. Perhaps you recognise where you may have neglected putting away money for a proper savings or some insurances.

Now, you get back on the horse so, to speak and you get back on track with the financial areas. You enable yourself to look at where potential successes may lay. Look, if money's owed to you, you need it to come back in. So make sure you are dotting those i’s, crossing those t’s. Get everything into order because there is something sitting around your finances which could imply money owed, returned or  is available if you have everything in order.

So, plans or goals that you once abandoned that,  had much to do with your finances, all of a sudden you see the possibility starting to shine. Especially between July, August and September as these months influence financial gains in a very positive way. Not saying the rest of the year won't, but these are the months that will actually give you the best results.

Health and well-being – It’s “the magician” sitting in your health house and “the magician” is actually connected to specialist surgeons or specialty areas. Which means you have to go through either being referred or given that opportunity to seek a particular treatment or advice.

This could also mean that you are looking at different levels of changes you want to make physically. This can imply cosmetic or more specialised treatments. This can also mean that you are taking extra care around health issues to ensure that you are under the right umbrella of services or practitioners to promote better health or keep your health on track.

For those that need to see a specialist, the opportunity to arrived with somebody that is good at their job or knowledgeable that you can trust. The other influence of this card is taking care of in and around the throat, thyroid, lower jaw. Also taking care of in and around the intestinal or digestive areas.

Relationships - Wow this year is all about introducing new people and new experiences by opening to new environments. It is about change, looking at where you want to be.

You are quite serious about this so, if you're single and looking, you are looking over where you have been in the past and now taking every opportunity to let go and move on. You are actually able to see that there is a lot more opportunity out there for love and romance by embracing change. No more than ever this is important for you as you look to greater consistency.

This year is for romance, this year gives you a chance to really settle some of those past grievances and open yourself up to the new and possible opportunities.

If you are in a settled or a stable relationship it is about letting go of those little fears or those questionable uncertainties. Maybe you have been more focused on family or children or those around you or in own thought and thought patterns.  This year gives you the chance to actually see things in a whole different way as far you relationship and personal life. You see ways to redirect your energy and bring your focus to improving your relationship dynamics.  





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