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Living in the Present Moment: The Power of Now.

Every sensation, thought, and breath takes place right here, right now. You will awaken tomorrow to find that your current experience has presented itself substantially differently than you perceive it right now at this very moment.

Your energy is at the heart of all that is going on in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers. You allow yourself to be present by standing in that inner quiet. Everything is unfolding as it should inside the time and space that is within you, surrounding you and reminding you that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

We regularly overthink or rush forward, only to find ourselves trapped in a time warp of future verses past. Instead of being in the present, which allows us to initiate what can be worked on right now. The ability to focus on the present facts or feelings in order to get strength and encouragement for what you may be acutely aware of or perceive as requiring your attention right now.

It is quite simple to be driven into thinking about how things could be different, especially when a difficult situation or challenge is taking place. When everything is so energetically heavy, it can be easy to become lost in the confusion of what is going on and lose sight of what is there to help you.

Our minds want to go to a nice place where they can run and sometimes not have to cope with what is going on. But that can only last so long. The problem or issue may still need to be addressed or resolved after some time has passed, especially the longer it has had time to alter the memory bank or fade into the subconscious.

When you choose to be present and live in the present moment, you are allowing life to respond to your needs.

This is not to argue that some experiences are heavily traumatic or have a stronger impact, and that you should take a step back to process. That processing is what allows you to recognise what you are capable of handling or dealing with right now. But what if it's not something so dark or gloomy, and your conscious mind is simply looking for somewhere other than where you are right now?

What if you're wishing away moments and pushing ahead to get what you desire or imagine you should have in your life? What if some of that existing in the present is part of the self-work required for the future self? And a part of you is hurrying ahead, missing out on vital support, healing, or deeper understanding and growth?

It's as if you're exactly where you're supposed to be right now. For a very specific reason, your entire energy is here in this time, place, and space. You may take that breath and recognise that by inhaling, you are grounding your reality. You come to a complete stop for 5 seconds, and everything around you comes to a complete stop as well, ready to shift in motion when you do.

You begin to feel more focused, centred, and aligned with your goals. You can do more because you can see what needs your attention and what measures you need to take to bring everything in this moment into perspective. Your capacity to recognise your own limits and boundaries gives you a sense of order and support.

When you choose to be present and live in the present moment, you are allowing life to respond to your needs. You see opportunities for constructive potential changes, opportunities that can blossom into something worthwhile of your time, or you can make essential revisions and adjustments that encourage better growth.

You fulfil what is required by being fully aware of your options, decisions, and worth. Being present allows you to foster various levels of self awareness and healing while also allowing you to feel more confident in what you believe is best for you in this time.


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