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March 2023

Updated: Feb 26, 2023


THE DEATH CARD enters this month signifying transformation, change and new or fresh beginnings.

This is the perfect time to refresh or replenish new goals, new beginnings with the letting go old limiting patterns. These of which, affect your emotional, mental, and physical well beings.

Spirit is encouraging you to embrace this time of change to rejuvenate your life through cleansing, clearing and better understanding that which, you need to be happy.


THE EIGHT OF WANDS enters your daily influence signifying travel, expansion, and broadening horizons.

A time in which, you may find yourself looking for change through improved life experiences.

Spirit is encouraging you to be open to creating change in your life that, enables you to broaden your knowledge, experience, and social connections. A strong focus on travel, new people, study/courses, and interests.


THE JUDGEMENT enters this month signifying major decisions, agreements/documents, and order.

A time in which you may undertake a more serious or somber time of making appointments, agreements, and decisions.

A strong emphasis on getting everything into order could create a more challenging period which, will eventually bring positive results.

Spirit is encouraging you to take the time to secure the right information, people, or commitments before reaching any final decisions. However, any decisions or agreements enter now will be for the long term.


THE KING OF CUPS enters this month signifying a strong time of support, understanding and emotional connection.

A time in which, the importance or focus will be on being open about feelings and that which, one requires to be happy and self-satisfied.

Spirit is encouraging you to take the time to welcome a new friendship, better understand those around you or to be open to assistance, support, and guidance.


THE ACE OF CUPS enters this month signifying confidence, fertility, commitments, and attraction.

A time of rebuilding your confidence and feeling a sense of commitment and joy. A time of sharing your feelings, thoughts, and dreams with those who matter.

Spirit is encouraging you to take the time to fulfil your personal goals and that which, makes you happy and content. Let the inner child shine more brightly and confidently.

News may come through family, pregnancies, or other noteworthy events which, can bring embrace stronger bonds and alliances.


THE ACE OF SWORDS enters your daily influence signifying leadership, negotiation and standing in your power.

A time to look at how best to undertake current potential opportunities in which, to show others you have what it takes to create and make change happen.

Spirit is encouraging you to be more assertive knowing you have the encouragement and strength in which, to accomplish all that you put your energy and time toward.


THE FOUR OF CUPS enters this month signifying confusion, setbacks, and dissatisfaction.

A time in which, you may be rushing to see change happen however, you may find yourself unsure of where to start.

Spirit is encouraging you to wait matters out until you are in a more settled frame of mind and emotionally clear. The opportunity to reassess why you are feeling this way may hold the key to why you feel dissatisfied or unhappy with your current situation.


THE WORLD enters this month signifying new beginnings, travel, fresh starts, and change.

The opportunity to place new goals into perspective, travel or create a new phase in lifestyle will arrive.

Spirit is encouraging you to take the time to embrace change for the better as every opportunity presented will open a new avenue, door, or window of experiences. It is time to look at ways in which, to take a fresh approach to a past situation.


THE THREE OF SWORDS enters this month signifying a conflict of interest and temporary unsettling conditions.

A time in which, you may find yourself up against varied factors or situations in which, you may need to wait for outcomes or solutions to eventuate.

Spirit is encouraging caution in becoming caught up in the conflicts of interests in which, you may feel a situation or matter is creating more dramas than it is worth.

You may need to wait for more information or input before you can make a more established decision or agreement.


THE SIX OF WANDS enters this month signifying balance, positive or fortunate outcomes and wishes coming true.

A time to be initiative-taking in allowing everything to just fall into place naturally.

Spirit is encouraging you to keep the faith in your current circumstances knowing you have support bringing positive and fortunate results. A time to believe that which, you truly desire is very possible.


THE TWO OF SWORDS enters this month signifying reflection, stagnation, contemplation, and indecision.

A time governing a strong period of reflection to sort through current circumstances. A feeling of indecision may lead to over thinking rather than working toward finding workable solutions - even if it is a small step of breaking down the issues rather, than pushing for a conclusion.

Spirit is encouraging you to take the time to ask yourself if there is a particular reason situation are stagnant or come to a halt. Ask yourself what you can do to instigate changes to get matters back on track.


THE FORTUNE enters this month signifying lucky, good fortune, opportunities, and positive influences. A very opportunistic time to put plans and goals in motion.

Luck may have a strong hand in the outcome however, it is the perfect timing for everything to come together abundantly.

Spirit is encouraging you to strike whilst the iron is hot and to take the chance that everything is ready to commence. The right people, information or doorways will. The time is right, the momentum of novel changes will bring prosperity, abundance, and better outcomes.


March 2023 - Events and Workshops

CONTACT ME : if you wish to book for the workshop 26th of March 2023


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