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Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Navigating Impulsive, Firey and Intense Challenges

Aries is a sign that naturally motivates people to push boundaries, be brave, and pioneer change. Sometimes it is not by choice, but due to the sheer ability to push past limits. So, with Merucry, the planet of communication and technology, retrograde in Aries, it would be like negotiating impulsive, fiery, intense situations, and as we all know, Aries as a sun sign is not patient in waiting for anything to manifest.

Expect Merucry retrograde in Aries the 1st - 24th of April 2024 to bring up some concerns that will require patience, understanding, and even reasoning to resolve. You may be tempted to speed ahead, but will you ultimately achieve your goals or that which you anticipate achieving in doing so?

Mercury retrogrades allow you to explore previously unfinished business. To reach a decision, re-evaluate a situation, or even take action to prevent the same thing from happening again. It's time to rectify, fix, or go on, but it's not as simple as closing the door and running up the street! There is some work to be done, which you may need to confront or accept before reaching that decision or outcome.



"How you see yourself and how you want others to see you"

First house of physicality, self-expression, and self-image.

Mercury is retrograde in Aries. Your own sign may be overwhelming, revealing unexpected aspects of your nature and prompting a lot of self-reflection on what you genuinely desire or what brings you fulfilment or happiness. As your self-esteem and self-perception is highlighted, you may feel pressured to look at change which could reflect on your entire outlook or how you present yourself to the public.

Aries, it is more vital now more than ever to listen, make informed decisions, and ask the right questions before diving in. Patience will be required as you work through a series of past frustrating setbacks which could involve your career, relationships, finances, or health to work through.  


"What you value and consider brings you security and stability"

 Second house of income, self-worth, and physical possessions.

Mercury's retrograde in Aries will focus on another shift, potentially one that involves advancing your own personal development. It's time to reconsider your connection with material possessions and money, especially how you spend or generate resources.

Pisces this may encourage you to act rashly, even if you have been patient in waiting. Your natural predisposition to hold back may be replaced with working harder to communicate your true desires and personal values. However, this influence may unexpectedly force you to pursue your goals and dreams with greater vigor.


"How you think, communicate and what's important to your immediate environment"

Third house, which governs siblings, neighborhood, short distance travel correspondence, and technology.

Mercury's retrograde in Aries may signify an opportunity to prepare for a phase in which your communication style and cognitive processes become more focused. You are naturally direct, which is a virtue, but you may have greater problems with misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Aquarius, mercury's retrograde in Aries stimulates and encourages directness, making your approach appear overly powerful which can be a blessing or a curse. Consider how you share and receive information, how you give credit to those who share knowledge, or how you participate in the natural flow of socialising or working with others.


 " What foundations you seek to nurture "

 Fourth house, which represents the home, family, heritage, and mother or significant parent.

Mercury retrograde in Aries will draw your attention or focus on domestic issues. Old difficulties or earlier concerns might cause drama, whether it's with family, real estate or domestic troubles.

Capricorn, you could find it necessary to be mindful of your own reactions. You could see this as an opportunity to clear up and solve long-standing concerns, or to catch up on responsibilities or work to be done concerning the home. Regardless, with mercury retrograde in Aries try and be patient, see projects through to completion, and take extra care not to rush or overlook doing things correctly.


"What brings you pleasure and passion in pursuing"

Fifth house, which is associated with children, creativity, and passion.

Mercury's retrograde in Aries indicates the revival of past passions. This could rekindle old flames, ignite creative pursuits, or open your heart to find romance in present life and individual experiences.

Sagittarius, this is an opportunity to reflect on your real thoughts. Are you holding back on something you really desire, or is this an opportunity to reconsider the worthiness of your current interests and pursuits? Mercury retrograde in Aries may encourage you to be realistic about what you can achieve and to focus on what makes you happy or gives you with long-term delight rather than losing yourself in ill-conceived ideas.


"What serves you best in your purpose, wellbeing, and betterment"

Sixth house, which is related to wellbeing, routines, and working relationships.

Mercury retrogrades in Aries will draw your attention to how better to utilise your time. You may reevaluate your strategies, workstyle, or purpose in your current goals. You may need to create or accept changes to avoid exhaustion or prone to overthinking, overworking, and potentially suffering from burnout.

Scorpio you may need to try reducing your work responsibilities and easing up on being overly obligated by implementing better timetables, routines, and breaks.

However, with mercury retrograde in Aries your patience may be tested when it comes to garnering support or understanding from coworkers or those on whom you may rely on to keep your day-to-day responsibilities operating smoothly.


"How you connect, engage and partner with others"

Seventh house, which is related to relationships, agreements, and commitments.

Mercury retrograde in Aries will accentuate your interactions with others, which could prove difficult or challenging, especially personal, and professional relationships. You may revisit plans, decisions, or commitments in hopes of settling matters.

Libra during Mercury Retrograde in Aries you will need to avoid the urge to rush into decisions, especially when it comes to business contracts, agreements, and partnerships to avoid misunderstandings or misinformation. Therefore, you may need to pay extra attention to ensuring that all lines of communication are clear and that all parties involved establish mutually beneficial agreements.


"What you seek to accumulate and need to transform"

Eighth house, which is responsible for transformation, intimacy, and other people's money and possessions.

Mercury retrograde in Aries may reveal deep-seated experiences or hidden characteristics of yourself. You may become impatient with yourself or others, especially if you believe that prior troubles are still manifesting or controlling certain aspects of your life, particularly those involving money or work.

Virgo, the Mercury retrograde in Aries will assist you in identifying what needs to shift, transform, or be released. You may interpret this as addressing your anxieties, concerns, or life experiences by seeking healthful outlets or other ways to achieve your aims or goals.


"What gives you opportunity to grow and explore"

Ninth house, which is responsible for overseas travel, higher learning, and beliefs.

Mercury retrograde in Aries may cause you to question your views and beliefs resulting in confusion and uneasiness. You may feel hampered or impeded, resulting in a misunderstanding of how earlier behaviours or choices affected your current life.

Leo mercury's retrograde in Aries may emphasise areas where you quickly  rationalise your actions or decisions, causing you to lose respect from colleagues or create communication hurdles between friends and those close. You may encounter an important lesson or hindsight to be mindful about rushing in or impulsively being caught up in chatting behind closed doors, backbiting, and gossip to be a part of the click or feel fully accepted.


"How your career, achievements, and social standing are achieved"

Tenth house of ambitions, career, and public image.

When Mercury goes retrograde in Aries, you may see tensions simmering or become more aware of your natural propensity to naturally prioritise others, but now is the moment to assess how your actions correspond with your own objectives and aspirations.

Cancer, mercury retrograde in Aries urges you not to rush, be impetuous, or impulsively enter new business deals, career discussions or initiatives.  You may need to practice patience, slow down and use this moment to ensure that your hard work and efforts, or whatever you are employing to do, is valued, understood, and completed correctly.


"How you aspire to belong, your hopes, friendships, and common interests"

Eleventh house of friendships, groups, and interests.

Mercury retrograde in Aries may highlight issues or troubles with friendships and social networks. Be wary of getting engaged in fights or hastily overstepping limits; but, if you notice old patterns where others are consistently disrespecting your individuality, it may be time to make a change.

Mercury retrogrades in Aries, Gemini, may ignite the fire within you. One that may reveal how readily you have slipped into the same old habits or friendship circles that are preventing you from growing or being your own unique self. Perhaps you're noticing how quickly you're swayed by the decisions or opinions of others.


"What is your collective unconscious, dreams, intuition, and spiritual connection"

Mercury retrogrades in Aries During this time, your dreams, imagination, and intuition will be enhanced. This is your time to reconnect with your true self and tap into your essential essence.

Taurus, as mercury retrogrades in Aries, you may become more aware of when and how to react rushing into making rash conclusions, indulging in being overly emotional, self-sabotage, or doubting your capacity to trust yourself. This is your chance to recognise that previous fears, phobias, or concerns are not what is actually the truth.


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