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When Mercury Retrogrades in Virgo

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo - Carolyn Clairvoyant
Mercury Retrograde in Virgo - Carolyn Clairvoyant

August 23rd - September 15th, 2023

Mercury, the planet of travel, communication, technology, and thinking, will head into retrograde from August 23rd through September 15th, 2023.


This is a time to be aware that misunderstandings can arise through miscommunication,misjudging information, or technology. Never purchase anything electronic or technical right now because there is bound to be an issue.


The same goes for entering agreements, signing papers, or making deals because when Mercury moves forwards, you often see or find flaws or mistakes. Also, expect mix-ups or delays around travel or plans to happen!


As mercury is returning to a space in Virgo, which rules aspects of health and wellbeing, daily work, and routines. It may be that these influences affect aspects of your health. This could be a time to get on top of a health matter that may re-emerge or something you have ignored that requires attention.


Mercury retrograde gives you the opportunity to reflect on matters that require greater focus to complete. In work areas, you may encounter issues with communication, electronics, or technology. Double-check everything and follow up on matters that may be outstanding.


So, Mercury retrograde retraces an important matter or influence that may be affecting your betterment, peace of mind, or physical and emotional self. The Mercury-Virgo influence will pinpoint what it is that you will be required to remedy, fix, or alter to put you back on track.







Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, and You






Mercury retrogrades into your sixth house of health, wellness, and routines. You will focus more on what it benefits you to change regarding health matters.


This may give you a fresh look at your working environment, the factors that influence it, and the types of habits you may need to assess or change to feel more wholesome.






Mercury retrogrades into your fifth house of children, hobbies, and romance. You could find yourself reflecting on or stepping back into some unfinished business from your past.


This may be a time to look more closely at what transpired and how best to remedy, re-establish, find a solution, or reignite your passion.






Mercury retrogrades into your fourth house of home and family. You could find this influence bringing your attention to aspects of your home, lifestyle, or a parental figure, especially a female (mother or significant female).


This may be a time in which to reconnect or reflect on the home and family, especially if this involves a chance for a healthier change or creating a better relationship with your family.






Mercury retrogrades into your third house of travel, communication, siblings, and neighbours. You could find that this energy causes miscommunication or misinformation to happen more easily.


This could be a time to be aware of old issues or gripes manifesting and triggering discord affecting the relationship between siblings, neighbours, or your general plans.






Mercury's retrograde into your second house of income and personal values opens the opportunity to reflect on your financial and earning capacities.


This is a time in which you may delve deeper to understand your relationship and what you value concerning your material possessions.






Mercury retrogrades into your first house of self-image, or how you present yourself to the outside world. You may reflect on what changes you feel are necessary to create a healthier outlook or appearance.


This is a time in which you may embrace changes in areas of your life that influence your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.






Mercury retrogrades into your twelfth house of dreams, intuition, spirituality, and the subconscious. You may instinctively know what you need to work through or heal. However, you may feel your thoughts or thinking bringing through some unconscious roadblocks to work through.


This is a time to reflect on what may need to be identified, worked through, healed, and released.






Mercury retrogrades into your 11th house of friendships, networking, and humanitarian interests. You may re-evaluate your connection with others and surmise who or what is worth your energy.


This is a time in which you may identify more easily with that which does not correlate or communicate with your level of thinking and set wheels in motion to find a happier or healthier balance in personal and interpersonal relationships or friendships.






Mercury retrogrades into your tenth house of career, public image, and professional aspirations. It also represents the father or a significant authoritarian figure.


This is a time when you may revisit long-term goals, restructure, revise, or reassess your career and ambitions. It may also mention any outstanding issues with a father or authority figure or work on creating healthier working relationships.






Mercury retrogrades into your ninth house of travel, philosophy, and higher learning. You may reflect on your path of education, furthering knowledge, finalising studies, or undertaking a journey or trip that once again presents itself.


This is a time of reconnecting to that which you value, your beliefs, or significant understandings that impact your life experiences.






Mercury retrogrades into your eighth house of legacies, wills, sex, and other people's money. You may reflect on the challenges that require a greater transformation from within to heal.


This is a time to assess your relationship with what powers your needs, your deepest desires, or that which secretly haunts your thoughts. You may see the need to let go and move on from a matter.






Mercury retrogrades into your seventh house of partnerships and agreements. You will reflect on your bonds, connections, and personal, platonic, and professional relationships.


This is a time when you may be aware of imbalances or undercurrents of discord that may require addressing or healing.



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