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Sagittarius 2023

Sagittarius what does 2023 hold ?

The firstly try not to get caught up in the dramas going on around you. Secondly, Try not to lose your cool about situations you have no control over instead, try to remain centered. If you can then you see 2023 as a better year.

Between now and March/April inconsistencies begin triggering areas where you feel a little overwhelmed. Your focus is on stability and gaining that foundation or step in that which you believe is accomplishable.

Until then  you may need to refocus and recoup as issues that pop up will  make you feel like you are off track or make you question matters and pushing that little emotional trigger. However, you stay focused, try and remain centered as this time will pass and you will come though this a lot further ahead than expected.

Home and family -  2023 is all about precision decision making and planning. Now, you may find yourself writing everything down, placing everything into order or, writing that big to-do list. You focus on where you believe logically everything should be and how it should manifest or work.

This is very productive for you – giving you the recognition and reward for the energy and effort that you are putting into everything to what you believe to be a positive outcome or new direction.

Now, “the World” represents travel. The “seven of Pentacles” represents bringing that experience to a reality. Perhaps, you will learn a lot about the type of energy you invest - where you believe you need to be with what you are trying to do or achieve strategically.

Career, goals and aspiration – it is important that you don’t lose motivation. Earlier in 2023 you appear to take the long way around solving a few matters. But, before you know it everything will work out just fine especially, over the first nine weeks of 2023.

Something surprisingly pops up - it may not be exactly what you expect but, it is worthwhile. You have every opportunity to hit or strike while the iron's hot. This is the chance to get everything moving leading to a very productive time around March and April. You begin to see positive results which will flow more freely with commitments and changes to benefit your career and goals again later in 2023.

Financially - the first six months highlights apprehensive and cautiousness around money. You try to find encouraging signs around your finances and the type of support which can assist. Maybe you are a little bit proud and won’t outright ask for help or  the results manifesting take a little bit of extra work and energy to achieve up to July and August.

However, the results will be good and it shows through that you will have the encouragement and that encouragement leads into very positive aspects around your financial affairs.

If you are in business “the King of Pentacles” is all about business and finance. You will see this as a time in which you gaining good reward for that effort and energy you put into your goals. This helps you to be able to move forward towards greater financial growth.

Health and wellbeing – “the star”represents Aquarius, the 11th house, which represents the lower legs and in and around that nervous system. The “Star” also represents trust, faith and connecting to organisations.

This is where you may contemplate connecting with or being around different people or associating with different groups or organisations. What you feel - is the need to be belong to something based on your own faith-based system or understandings.

Your health and betterment will improve or flourish through the benefit of friendships. Maybe, a good positive network is coming in and this helps you to feel that you are on track with your goals around personal health which promote a better you or a better self-image.

Relationships – You will focus on personal areas and partnerships. 2023 promotes very positive energy  throughout this year so as to really move forward in personal matters. There is a very strong productive shift in your energy which will bring new opportunities or experiences.

If you are single and looking, you should find this year quite productive. So, expect it to be busy around your relationship and personal areas especially from April through to September. You focus on the emotional areas in connection with love and relationships to better help you to also balance things out that you need without feeling that you have to force matters. Everything flows naturally.

For committed or a strong relationships, your focus in on a different mindset. Maybe you have procrastinated over where to go with the next level of opportunity surrounding the relationship. This is a travel card “three of wands” so maybe plans have been moving for a little while and you are just wondering how you are moving everything to a new stage or new time.

This year encourages very healthy boundaries and healthy steps in your personal life. You see this as a chance to have a lot of love, a lot of support, and doing things that you are very passionate about with someone who shares the same visions.



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