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Scorpio 2023

Scorpio what does 2023 hold for you?

This year is it is all about clearing. It is all about getting things on the up and up. You are able to see correctly where to focus, you will take the lead in directing your own life plans and goals to ensure that everything possible can happen.

Although everything will work better with a little bit of patience. You can not go wielding that sword of authority around too much otherwise, you will have no followers. So, this is about staying centered but, also having a little bit of patience along the way because not everyone is going to think as fast as you, or get things done as fast as you would like or complete what you feel is important to your expectations. So just having a little bit of patience, will avoid any disappointment or delay.

The home in the family- 2023 is all around professional advice, getting the right services, the right help or managing the right resources to come through. You may spend first seven months of 2023 getting organized and ready but, the end results you are going to absolutely love.

This is a important, you are looking for validation, recognition as you push towards gaining the type of results you desire. Perhaps due to pressure surrounding the past maybe 12 to 18 months.

Now, 2023 your priorities have changed as you see everything falling into place. You feel that this is a chance in which to make decisions with the knowledge that those outcomes will bring positive results.

Career, goals and aspirations - 2023 brings major steppingstones and major decisions. This could come through contracts, agreements and building the right alliances. This very important influence will be felt more so over the first 10 months of 2023. However, September, October and November will bring you the best of those results.

You see this as your time in which to look over where you have been in the past. You can recognise what you need as far as a healthy more organised results. So, you will be putting energy into areas you sense and know need to change which give you more time to step back and enjoy your accomplishments.

Finances – Early on in 2023 brings good vibes to monetary concerns as you begin to see financial pressure lift. You actually see the results which you manifest and you are going to love the end result especially around May and June.

This is exceptional for anyone wishing to invest, anyone working toward material goals. Perhaps, spending/purchasing something that you really love or desire. Your better judgment is telling you that this is the time not to get caught up in the old jargon of not having enough. Instead seeing this as a way in which you can get the results around financial stability as you move through 2023.

Health and your well-being - We are going to take a look at the sixth house, the house of Virgo which rules the bowel, the digestive and the intestinal areas but, it also rules the consciousness and purpose.

You can tend to find yourself overthinking matters to a point where you can become stuck on matters/concerns. Everything may feel slow, tedious or frustrating. Those goals that you have set you may feel you are not reaching right away as everything is in slow motion.

However, this is the chance to really reassess what is it important for you to take on this journey now, and that which is not. This is your time to relinquish control, release that which you no longer need and allow yourself to be in the moment.

Fantastic for those stuck in a bit of a plateau around the health and well-being or maybe weight loss or needing more motivation to make healthier changes. As the chance to reassess where you might find a more successful route to take giving you greater results.

Relationships and personal areas - the past reconnecting which will mean going over a lot of discussions, areas that previously influenced your relationship and personal areas. This includes people and events which still impact your lifestyle or thoughts.

Deep down everyone will have an opinion on what you should be doing. So, if something has been transpiring around you and you have been single for a longer period of time. It may be time to look at removing or recognising repetitive cycles or same patterns. What can you do to get out of such cycles, so as to be more independent of your past or past relationship experiences.

So, if you are single and looking love blossoms around September, October and November but, it is up to you whether or not you feel ready. This year you will spend a period of time trying to work out your own emotions and true feelings – that which you feel is important to you now.

For those in a stable and a committed relationships, “the Death card” does not mean a physical death but, it does mean taking matters to a new level in your relationship areas. If you are ready to become engaged or looking at plans to get married. You could decide on living arrangements with your partner, or other important lifestyle choices.

There is something big happening on the horizon and seemingly much planning and trying to manifest the results you desire. This may come as a surprise – something you thought was over and done with once before, all of sudden is back up for discussion.

The focus on personal freedom/boundaries around your relationship dynamics enable you to see relationship and your personal areas in a much better space.



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