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When Venus Retrogrades in Leo

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

A retrograde Venus in Leo from July 22 to September 3 is the perfect time to think about your relationships, money making ventures, and beauty regime.


Aries, Venus retrogrades in Leo, in your fifth house of romance and self-expression, will highlight past relationships and issues surrounding previous connections. It is important to remember that resurfacing ex-relationships may bring out ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, which is not always a good thing.

The experience is an opportunity to reflect on yourself and that which you deserve when it comes to personal relationships. Venus retrograde allows you the opportunity to feel more rewarded and productively taking time for enjoying fun and pleasure in your life.


Venus is retrograde in Leo influencing the fourth house of home life, Taurus, with this your relationships with family and the home will be under the spotlight. Planned and unplanned reconnections with family or loved ones may happen more easily under this vibration.

During the Venus retrograde you will also re-examine your home, resources and what changes you believe would benefit your situation. You may revisit problem solving, old obstacles to find workable solutions.


Venus the planet of beauty, romance, and satisfaction, will move back into your third house of Gemini which relates to communication, short distance travel, social and siblings. You will re-examine your social relationship with others.

The focus will delve deeper into who and what is worth your time and energy to gain an insight in where you overextend yourself for others but now see the same dedication is not returning. This is a chance to re-examine these bonds and set new boundaries to protect mental and emotional wellbeing.


Cancer, Venus's retrograde in Leo affects the second house of income which will lead to changing your interpretation or belief when it comes to money and accumulating resources or material wealth.

You will spend this time recognizing what you value, where to create a different return or how best to restructure current financial matters and investments to be more successful.

As Venus retrograde enables ways to identify potential pitfalls illuminating spending mistakes, waste, overzealous projects or get rich quick schemes.


Leo with Venus's retrograde in Leo moving back into the first house of self. This assists you with the opportunity to reinvent yourself or commence what is a new chapter.

The focus on how you perceive the world should see you. You feel a greater appreciation for beauty and finer things. This could reflect highly on your interests, material purchases or creating a comfortable space in which to enjoy.


Virgo Venus's retrograde in Leo falls in your twelfth house of spirituality, subconscious, hidden fears, and desires. This will encourage you to reflect more about yourself, your relationships with others, career directions and finding new understandings.

You will sense the need to be organized, to a point of perfection. This may affect or create problems in aspects of relationships or interpersonal connections as you recognize flaws or incompatibilities which you may have subconsciously overlooked until now.


Your ruler, Venus, retrogrades in Leo moving backward into the eleventh house of networking, friendships, groups, hopes, and wishes.

This influences your desire to connect with others through social and other interests. You have an opportunity to re-align your long-term goals with the help of associates or key persons backing your plans or supporting your next steps.

Venus retrograde reminds you to maintain a balance between your personal and professional relationships as you may be inclined to overextend yourself to keep others happy.


Scorpio Venus retrogrades in Leo back into your tenth house of career, fame, and public image. Under this influence you will rethink your approach in career, professional ambitions, and long-term goals.

The retrograde vibration may highlight aspects of your goals or aspirations which no longer hold such a great appeal or no longer align with your true desires. As you reflect you will see the sacrifices you have made along the way, some of which you may ask if all of these are worth it.


Sagittarius Venus retrograde in Leo happens in your ninth house of higher learning, overseas or long-distance travel and philosophy.

At this time, you will be pushed to discover new learnings, understandings and expand your horizons. Venus retrograde opens the door to a deeper personal journey of self-discovery enabling you to align your goals, beliefs, and values.


Capricorn Venus retrogrades in Leo back into your eighth house of secrecy, other people’s money, wills/dividends, sex, and resources.

Anything hidden will be revealed including extra marital affairs, issues with finances, deceptive behavior, relationship break-ups, disharmony in friendships and deep-seated issues returning to the surface.

Venus’s retrograding brings a greater awareness of what may be creating repercussions in your personal and professional situations and how to work towards restoring situations.


Aquarius Venus retrogrades in Leo back into your seventh house of partnerships, agreements and commitments highlighting your personal contacts or one-on-one connections.

You will revisit aspects of your relationships, noting what previously may have been missing. Assessing the type of relationships, you have aligned yourself with including friendships, platonic associations, or partnerships both shallow and lacking in depth.

Venus retrograde pushes you to look beyond what is your comfort zone challenging you to re-examine that which you value in a partner or professional commitments.


Pisces Venus retrogrades in Leo affecting your sixth house of health, working relationships and routines. Under this influence you have a need to feel appreciated by those you associate, work, and connect with.

As Venus retrograde reminds you to find harmony in focus on yourself and develop a healthy balance. You will focus on taking better care of your energy and how you extend yourself through your day-to-day obligations and routines.


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