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You Failed to Achieve: Let's Take a Look at That

Just because I'm not perfect doesn't mean I can't keep trying. We constantly rewrite the dialogues in our lives. Between what we believe we can do and what we believe prevents us from ever trying.

You may be inspired simply by the prospect of accomplishing something, only to discover that your inner voice is repeating the criticisms of previous so-called "failed" attempts. Seriously, how many attempts have been made, how many times have life's blueprints evolved? and we're still far from perfect. However, we (universally) are learning a lot about what can be done satisfactorily, comfortably, and successfully. We can also appreciate that we have a lot more room to grow and learn.

That's the key phrase: "you failed to achieve." Let's take a look at that: You - failed - (so as) to -achieve. It's not that you failed outright, but that you failed in order to succeed. Maybe the comma is missing, the break in thought before the rush of seeing the words that elicit fear. "Failure"........Will Robinson ........ "Failure"

You Failed To Achieve: Let's Take a Look at That

You did not "fail," but something obviously fell short of your expectations, and you learned that by metaphorically "failing to achieve," something far better has the potential to be created. You also develop a better knowledge, which is a wonderful testimonial to your perseverance in bringing things back on track and more productively.

So, in retrospect, you failed (so as to achieve), which means you can reassess what you could do differently to obtain the level of contentment you desire in your life. How quintessential is that? Something must fail to manifest every now and then in order for you to rebuild and reorganise in order to achieve the level of personal happiness you truly deserve.

Through these acknowledgements and acceptances of change, you will learn that supporting you is of the utmost importance in attracting the essential possibilities and opportunities that will allow you to grow in even more self-deserving ways.


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