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Astrology and Numerology for November 2023

Updated: Nov 11, 2023


What does this month hold for us all?

Astrologically, this month is associated with the ninth house of the zodiac. Sagittarius' ninth house represents long-distance travel, higher education, publishing, religion, law, and luck.

Sagittarius's influence opens the mind to new experiences, which creates the most ideal playground to balance the natural curiosity and inquisitive mind. What manifests is the ability to see life from an entirely unique perspective or view situations and subjects differently.

But November is equivalent to FOUR!

N = 5 O = 6 V = 4 E = 5 M = 4 B = 2 E = 5 R = 9 adds to 40 adds 4+ 0 = 4 breaks down to a single digit = 4.

With November's ruling number 4, another influence has emerged. This number aligns with Uranus, which rules the eleventh house (friendships, humanity interests, fellowship, large groups, or communities, and illuminating former enemies) in Aquarius. Uranus is about breaking with tradition, originality, inventiveness, unpredictability, ideals, groundbreaking, freedom, and creativity.

November is the eleventh month of the calendar year. It is known as the master number 11, a symbol of illumination, high perception, inspiration, leadership, duality, and internal conflict.


New plans and goals are revealed this month as sudden changes occur. You may decide to change course and start over in a completely new direction, changing your career, lifestyle, or mindset. There could be a shakeup of friendships or areas where you felt institutionalized by your beliefs or confined to conforming.

You feel rebellious, opting to loosen obligations and be free of constraints. This month excites you with ideas and the desire to see results manifest. You will feel the tug of war between what your brain says and what your heart believes is possible.

This month will be less boring as you focus on the long-term effects arising from a conscious awakening. A key component of your thinking and outlook in the future will be your eagerness to create change, to become the change, and to push through barriers for the change to take place.


* November's New and Full Moon Influences *




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