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August 2023 - Astrology and Numerology

The Planets and Influences


What does this month hold for us all?

Astrologically, this month is associated with the sixth house of the zodiac. Virgo, the sixth house, represents health, habits, and routines, working relationships, your purpose, and service to others. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which influences communication, mentality, and our thinking patterns associated with rationality, reasoning, adaptability, and variability.

Therefore, this month you will feel the need for stimulus, mental dexterity, getting results from plans and goals, and focusing on problem solving. Your mind will be sharp, detail-oriented, and open to learning new things.

Mercury retrogrades and how it affects us all individually. although its effects can be disruptive, sending mixed messages or focusing on past events. August 23–September 15

But "as a name, it calculates to SIX! A = 1 U = 3 G = 7 U = 3 S = 1 T = 2 adds to 15 adds 1 + 5 breaks down to a single digit: 6

We now have another influence arising from August's ruling number 6. This number aligns with the planet Venus, the planet of "love and beauty", affections, love, visual pleasure, gifts, creativity, art, music, attractiveness, and beautification. Which is the perfect time to warn you that Venus will retrograde, adding some important energy to the mix between July 22nd and September 3rd.

AND August is the eighth month in the calendar year. Numerically, it also brings in the energy of the number eight through dynamic drive and the ability to formulate and execute goals successfully. It may also highlight fatherhood, father figures, significant males, government, and legalities.

This month marks an exceptional time to reassess your physical, mental, and emotional health. The more you learn about what drives you, the more you can build healthier goals and live in harmony with your environment and daily routines.

During this month, you will be encouraged to achieve, focus on, and work to achieve the productive changes you desire. You will focus on what supports relationships, family, better working conditions, resourcefulness, and finding a healthy balance between your purpose and productivity.

As a result, you may see old issues resurfacing, outstanding projects, or agreements returning and manifesting now that they can be resolved. It could be said that this month gives you reflection and an inner understanding of what you value in life. To understand your behaviour, thinking, or emotional relationship and how this affects aspects of your life.

As six numerically connected to Venus is the mother, August resonates with the number 8 and is the father. Leaves Mercury, which rules Gemini's third house of siblings, communication, and technology. It also rules the sixth house of Virgo's health and wellbeing, habits, and routines. In short, you may re-evaluate your subconscious patterning or think about parental or family matters.

Something could prompt you to delve deeper into your family relationship. How your relationship may be influenced by a mother, a father, or your connection with siblings or cousins

There may be key decisions related to the home, family, or a family member this month. There may be discussions or decisions regarding health, improvement, support, or the home involved in this process.



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