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Crazy Little Thing Called Self Love

You might be unable to change a situation in your life at this time, but you long to experience what it is like to see things from a different perspective. Your mind is racing with ideas, and you know deep down that this is something you want to learn more about.

You might test the waters with a little trepidation or boldness in the hopes that it all comes back as the reassurance you require. But what if your testing is simply your unwillingness to take the risk? Instead, you can be thinking about what it would be like instead of where you are right now.

To make this internal journey, something needs to be ignited, the proper spark of inspiration, and a connectiveness. You might consider how things used to be in comparison to where you are now. How do you picture a completely different version of yourself, imagining what it would be like to be that older version of yourself knowing what you know now?

Everyone desires that crazy little thing called love. We all desire for self-acceptance, self-belonging, and self-nurturing. We regard it as necessary for fullness and wholeness. You've probably heard that the "ying to the yang", "polar oppposites attract" or "positive to the negative attracts" principle.

We realise that things must evolve, and with that evolution comes a greater depth of understanding, compassion for the lessons, and thankfulness for milestones. When self-love occurs, it frequently takes the shape of realisations. The dark times that have turned to light, the challenging events that have resulted inwardly acknowledging towards necessary change.

It is acceptable to let go of the former version of yourself and recognise that the newer version is wiser as a result of everything that has occurred. It is OK to let go of self-judgments, cristisms, and worries. It is OK to heal the inner child and to love the person you have become. It is acceptable to embrace the part of yourself that need reassurance and affection.

Recognise that getting to this point was or is not easy, and that it most likely took a long time for you to realise that something needs to change. But you know deep down that you may or might not do it without a few practice runs first.




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