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Gemini 2023

What does 2023 hold for you Gemini

This year you are coming into a time in which you feel that you are working through decisions and choices that are adequate and enable you to meet the demands and the expectations that you have set. This is especially important over the first six weeks of 2023.

You are stepping into this year with bigger goals and determination to make things happen. Emotionally you are centred and prepared to make all the adjustments necessary over the coming six weeks to give you a chance in which to be able to tidy everything up and put yourself in a more favourable position.

This should be perfect, especially for those that are wishing to make these adjustments more permanent. If you are creating energy around change then, this year is supporting you. Perfect for moves, relocations and changes not only just your home but, career or personal areas in which you feel that you can accomplish a lot more.

The home and the family – this year is about success. Focusing on getting life into order enough for you to be able to financially benefit. The “ 9 of Pentacles” sitting here, means you may be seeing this as a time in which you are given opportunities to generate sustainable material foundations.

You could make a major purchase or perhaps there is been a bit of a lucky opportunity that comes along lining you up into a successful positioning for your finances to grow. Now this could happen as soon as March or April. However, you will strike while the iron is hot. You won't waste time and with this you see this as a brilliant experience.

So, this year is about cultivating. It's about manifesting and bringing in that abundance which is going to be very important for the home and the family dynamics, especially for those that wish to add to the family, or bring a little extra to the table. You see this as a successful time.

Career, goals and aspirations - you are time ready to put things into perspective as you look towards manifesting better contracts or agreements. You may have discussed this back in December 2022 and early January of 2023.

Now you may start to see this as needing to see matters. Therefore, supported by aspects around you such as contracts and agreements could see that you are setting the right foundations or people in positions to be able to help you make possible that which you are putting your energy towards to happen.

So, think about March and April as being happier and a lot more settled. Being able to celebrate that which you have put your energy towards, because you see everything coming. This is your time in which to be able make decisions that are not reckless or rushed but well informed. So really this year you are focusing on where you need to be and what you need to manifest everything.

This is going to be fantastic for those that are looking to create more abundance in their life and financially to be able to benefit from the career decisions. You see this as a time of potential growth around your financial areas giving you a chance in which to be able to see here where you can finish up or tidy up that which you have probably started a while back.

Financially - You've always probably said to yourself, I am going to learn to budget or save.Well, 2023 enables to achieve those goals a lot quicker than what you perceive. You see this as your chance in which to be able to gain that independence that you want. You are learning to support, plan and put goals into place.

You are actually creating healthy boundaries between you and your financial spending. This is very helpful especially, if you are looking to get what you believe is a better income. Now the “six of wands”shows up in the financial areas. It heralds good outcomes. Now if there is a legal outcome or a contractual outcome to manifest. The six of wands will show everything to be in your favour.

This year supports finding harmony and balance around your financial agreements and utilising the network that will get you there. Exceptional when looking at ways to become focused and in keeping financial goals on target especially, in the spring and summer months. However, you will find the first three months of 2023 set the precedence for what can be accomplishable.

Health and well-being – you may sense an area of change beginning to happen. You are looking at ways in which you can be your own identity. This is very important for you because, maybe in the subconscious you have been talking about how you would like to break old habits and make these changes possible. As the house of Scorpio influences which is related with the Eighth House, it can often mean that you start to recognize your own quality of self-worth.

Things that have been a little bit hidden in that subconscious area start to manifest into ways in which you can see this positively impacting the changes you want to make. Just take care of the hormones, your relationship to the Sexual Energy such as relationships, how you might perceive yourself, how you may feel that others perceive you.

This could be a good opportunity in which to be able to look at that reflective time and separate yourself from where you feel that you've been maybe Typecast or maybe you have put yourself under a certain umbrella. The opportunity to pop outside of your usual thinking or habitual traits to be your own individual self will be significant.

Relationships- This year is all about finding that happy balance. You may see this as a time in which you are kind of looking towards being more socially active or proactive. You could see the right right Partnerships or the right love opportunities blossoming especially if you are ready to take that chance.

If you're single and looking, this is a very compatible year for you. You start to look at the emotional well-being of what you believe you need and deserve in a relationship. This gives you a chance to step outside your usual routines, and in doing so you may be finding yourself developing a new relationship, or inviting a new relationship in which may be more wholesome.

For those in settled and stable relationships it is about finding your newfound confidence especially if you have been questioning things for a little while and you've been very patient up until now. it's time to really look at your situation.

Take some pressure off and look and see where you can put things back into sync for your relationship and personal areas. What you gain is the chance in which you can work on who is resisting and who willing to change. If it is a truly compatible relationship then you will get the right resources, the right help in the right areas in which to be able to get things back into perspective. All of which could help your relationship become more fluent and more compatible or more stable.




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