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It's All about Self Love - I Am Worth It!

We need to remember a little self love in these busy days and stressful schedules that often put everyone and everything else first. Giving yourself time to focus on yourself and recover your energy to face the next major event is essential for healthy boundaries.

We are all too capable of falling into the habit of putting ourselves last. Of course, there is a lot that has to be done, or you may feel as if you have nothing to complain about because, after all, you are better off than others.

This is where you slowly drain your energy by rationalising how you feel. You are actually worth it! You genuinely are - you are worthy of saying no, I don't want to do this right now, or I need to take a step back and spend some me time.

That level of permission is necessary. That is self-worth! that loving your energy enough to say, "Hey, I need a little me time - a little me loving..... a little reconnecting to inner self and adoring that frequency for a while"

Allow your thoughts to take you nowhere for 5 or even 20 minutes - and practice self-love. Find the time to devote to yourself what you devote to everything else. I mean, it could be anything from overworking and worrying to simply trying to keep everything nice and balanced for everyone else.

You need time to find yourself and reconnect with yourself. To see what you need to alter or work on for yourself. It's okay, nothing will come apart during that 5-20 minute time out. However, because you have given yourself time to accept yourself, you may find yourself in a much better place within yourself.

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