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What Influences September 2023

Planets and Numbers with Carolyn Clairvoyant

What Influences September 2023
What Influences September 2023

What does this month hold for us all?

Astrologically, this month is associated with the seventh house of the zodiac. Libra, the seventh house, represents relationships, partnerships, unions, marriage, and how you perceive your relationship with yourself and how you perceive others views of you.

We should note that the seventh house is also known to be the house of identifying what your spouse or relationships are in terms of personality, characteristics, appearances, compatibility, etc. Hmmmm did I hear you say?

As Mercury is retrograde from August 23–September 15, its effect can be disruptive, sending mixed messages or focusing on unresolved past events. You could see this as a time of much work in preparation for changes, especially in the first half of the month.

Libra's influence will try to keep everything peaceful, harmonious, or coordinated. After all the true sign of Libra sees beauty in all, with a sense of elegance and poise.

But "as a name, September is equivalent to a TWO!

S = 1 E = 5 P = 7 T = 2 E = 5 M = 4 B = 2 E = 5 R = 9 adds to 29 adds 2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2, which breaks down to a single digit = 2.

We now have another influence arising from September's ruling number 2. This number aligns with the moon, which rules the fourth house (the mother, home, and family) associated with the sign of Cancer. The moon itself influences our emotions, personal needs, and intuitive and subconscious feelings.

September is the ninth month of the calendar year. Numerically, it also brings in the energy of change, sometimes fast and unexpected. A sudden or unplanned event, an opening to new experiences, travel, or an attempt to restructure your current situation can be examples of this. It can also mean the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

This month, you seek validation or confirmation of your decisions. The urge to push for a responsive time concerning plans, changes, and new experiences You may feel eager to move forwards faster than usual. Stepping out of your comfort zone, opening unfamiliar vistas, and travelling will be the themes this month. It might be time to explore new shores and cultures.

It is possible that you will experience emotional highs and lows when you are dealing with changes involving your home, family, and a mother or female. This could usher in an era of change that will influence other aspects of your career, finances, health, and personal relationships.

However, as much as you know some changes are necessary, you also recognise the need to settle. You need to be a part of what supports, nurtures, and enables you to reflect on how far you have come. Therefore, this month supports your emotional needs for finding your place and space in the world


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September’s Numerology

Month + Year + Sunsign House equals the numerical influence for this month.


This month encourages taking charge when it comes to contracts, deals and business. You seek stronger financial agreements, better conditions and long lasting stability with your choices.


This month encourages undertaking change in a way in which you see possibilities in which to start manifesting new opportunities. As you progress through this time you see relevant steps taking you towards letting go and opening to the new.


This month opens a new chapter with a fresh approach to goals and wonderful changes you feel ready to commence. As you embrace a time of new beginnings with a sense of seeing everything with a better prospective.


This month encourages opening to your feelings and expressing yourself. You may experience a time of deep revelations and conversations. As you progress through this time you focus on how your relationship with self and others can improve.

LEO - 3

This month encourages all things that stimulate your mind and energy. You may embrace a new course, new group or enrol in someThing that introduces people and like minded interests.


This month encourages getting down to the nitty gritty with goals, money and time. Your desire for structure and organisation will flow into all areas of your life. Expect this month to set solid results.


This month encourages creativity, travel and seeking a more positive route in plans and activities. Your desire to have more freedom and see life in a new and inventive ways will bring a refreshing influence to this month.


This month focuses on family, home and health. You could see your self reflective of matters and changes concerning your day to day routines and obligations. This month highlights taking care of yourself and loved ones.


This month encourages exploring your beliefs and philosophies on life and their after. You will seek to better understand yourself on levels that may bring forth seeing prospective cycles for change or betterment.


This month encourages you to seek backing, support and stability in areas which have long term foundations of importance. You may look towards people or experiences which highlight your thinking on the types of infrastructure or expectations you have set to achieve.


This month encourages travel and opening to new experiences through people and shared interests. You could see this as your opportunity to thrive in a new club, activity or interest.


This month encourages patience, diligence and understanding as you work toward that which you believe is accomplishable. You feel this is a time to re-enforce your strengths and find new and refreshing approach to your current choices.



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